Thursday, January 20, 2011

if this is her...who carries him...

...i'm speechless..which if you know a trait i often rarely possess

    you have to be confused. i commend your desire to give him safety and peace. i admire your heart for wanting more for your son...desiring greatness for, love, soundness....

i can't sit by and wonder if you will chose heart races wondering what you think of me as you look at my husband and my pictures...

..i'll open my heart and take this risk because i know i can be IT for him. my husband and i we love greatly and are loved greatly...your baby boy would be connected to that love. i'm essentric and ben is always logical, i'm creative and ben's a peace maker, we're lively and energetic, we have a million people who support us... there's so much of who we are that i wouldn't mind being challenged by asking with.

...i cant carry him or anyone for that matter...but we want... and we desire to love big...and to have lots to love in the future..

i'm trying to be vague..and i don't want to scare you away. but this risk is worth it to me. many aren't willing to risk love for fear that their heart will be broken in the process...its worth it for me... to go out on a limb..

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