Monday, March 5, 2012

Contrary to Popular Belief

Contrary to popular belief..this life isn't about you.

God is calling us to a love revolution.

Not just participating in outreaches every once in awhile but rather reach out. Enter in.

One of my first blogs talks about entering's what Jesus did.

Jesus did the inconvenient, and it cost him. Every day he did things that cost him..but he acted in faith and God had his back...the dude didn't pay for thousands of fish and bread..he prayed and had faith.

God is calling us to the inconvenient..requiring us to serve with our time, our money, our resources and our heart.

Because its not about us. It's Him. And He's never been known as a convenient God..but rather a Perfect one.

Serving costs..but is also builds a reputation..

When we serve..we build a reputation for the Lord.

It makes it hard for people to ignore God's goodness when they see a church serve...rather than judge.

Because serving humbles appropriately to meet doesn't elevate you to be irrelevant and hard to know.

And who can argue or want to argue with a servant?

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