Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Right Kind of Waiting & Swapping Blogs

"Let all that I am wait quietly before God, 
      for my hope is in him." - Psalm 62:5

           "But if we look forward to something we don't yet have, we must wait patiently and CONFIDENTLY." - Romans 8:25 (Capital enhancing is mine)..

Confident HOPE is what I have desired and I'm determined to obtain...through speaking God's truth and life over what I do not see AND praying AND serving. 

Here's the deal. I'm not seeing the possibility of our family getting to Africa, from what I now know, is a huge amount of money that must be raised. HUGE. AMOUNT. It's crazy to be saying such things with this seemingly bleek faith..

I will not go there. Thanks to the women in my life, the truths we're learning in life group, and thanks to God. I will speak possibility. I will BELIEVE in my mind - through my past track record with God...that He does really impossible things. 

God will get us to where were going. Though I'm in a hurry..we're in a hurry..I know God will do exceedingly abundantly ABOVE my expectations. The gospel is urgent..I believe He is urgent. 

However, as I was telling my dearest of friends today, there's some unfinished business to be done here and God has been MORE THAN FAITHFUL to reveal some things: character flaws, integrity challenges, and also some business...

My dearest friend today was by no chance, Lesa, Pax's birthmom. We were able to talk even more..deeper..than we really ever have..which is huge because we've had some deep talks. I'm in love with this young lady. I feel like she is apart of me. I love her like a daughter, I love her like a sister, I love her like a best friend. She gave me her son, to be my son. I love her, not for what she did for me but for who she is. Her journey is a trip and a half. I say it again, I love her. 

We talked about our journaling and how cool it was to write our adoption journey but also to see where the other one was at certain point, as we are advid journalors. We have decided to recount our story by swapping blogs. Starting March 8th, we are dedicating 31 days to telling our story. I write on her blog she writes on mine...and you're invited to read they will be available through our facebook pages. The first 2 days are the beginnings - 27 days of when we were told about each other to the day we took Pax home - and then another 2 days to share after we took him home and our lives now. Using our journal dates, scripture and plain jane - straight up truth. Lesa is an amazing writer so I hope I don't disappoint on my end. 

Unfinished business...this is. Lesa intends to write a book about our story, already writing the beginnings of it... and I believe this will be helpful in her completion. She is called to so much and I want nothing but the best and most perfect things for her. 

This is gonna be so be with her and write. Giving me confident hope..because I'm reminded God has already provided all I need and has been so faithful to me..reminding me He does miracles. And we will be seeking God about the words and scriptures to use, and ending each day with a little thought or devotion. I'm excited! Hope you are too! Let me know your thoughts. God Bless. 

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