Monday, September 10, 2012

MamaMondays: Grandmama Rama & Baby Gravy

This weekend was spent at the lake, with grand parents, working and visiting the local antiques.

the "little"

the "finds"

Pax got in some Aunt Alexis and Grandmama/papa time and I trained at my parent's gas station and I shopped...mostly shopped.

The lake of the ozarks has some of the best vintage finds. Much of the demographic is retired and high income - people coming from all over the world settling in or coming for long stays during the summer and holidays - all replacing their aged pieces with new things...leaving those who want readily find them.

Paxton loved shopping with his mama today. He loved the long drive home (yeah - that's a lie). And he's loving on me as I'm blogging - loving me so much he's fighting sleep to just be with me...or just out of his crib. I don't mind him using me. 


Who knows...later we may actually go to bed. But for now I think Pax is scheming a late night breakfast out of me...bisquits and gravy. 

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