Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WonderWednesdays: The Skinny

Wonder Wednesdays. Dedicated to the latest craft. I recently have been redo'ing my wardrobe - with items I already have. It's my way of feeling I have new clothes while honoring our new & inforced budget using my creativity - fabric I have on hand - old faithful (my sewing machine) and my existing wardrobe...possibly some of my husband's too. Shhhh. He doesn't need to know.

I also have a sweet dear friend at work - who cleans her closet out and gives me serious goodies.

Including these really great jeans.

Originally when I received them they were 5" too long. So I hemmed them. Not my first hemming experience however - unbeknowst to me I took 5"off without leaving some room for slack or I ended up with a too short for comfort bootcut pair of jeans....This was a tragedy. These were really quality jeans and by quality - I mean expensive. It gave me the same feeling as the time I lost my wedding shoes in my move from the dorms to my apartment. Tragedy.

Then there was Pinterest... A few days after the seeming tradegy I discovered a pin (randomly) about making skinny jeans from bootcut.

So I executed my pin from pinterest.

My only opposition with the instructions from my Pinterest Pin was that I recommend only stitching the inside of the jeans instead of the outside - as the jean stitching and wash doest revert to one side after the knee but stay more vertical from the pockets to the bottom hem.

So that's the skinny.

Other than crafting - I did make home-made chili today. I made it in hopes that it was colder outside. Even in the heat I'm drooling for hot soup. I need it to be a consistent 70 degrees with a slight breeze from the east.

Then there was this guy...

Oh gosh. . .Makes me melt.

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