Monday, September 3, 2012

MamaMondays: Melting My Heart.

This little family had lots of time together and made lots of memories with our relatives. Kids of all ages with young adults of all ages and..we'll the folks (who made every thing possible from the housing to the food, to most importantly...the coffee) - gathered together. Our kids were playing together with their balls (the folks got them), as the husbands were playing football and climbing trees to get balls they got stuck in trees (one was the football, the other three were the kids balls in attempts to get the football)..and then there was us new mamas taking it all in (and dodging balls).

The lake house.

Where just sitting on the screened in front porch drinking sweet tea and laughing at the littles as they played together was the typical. We talked about the kids turned young adults attending their first year of college to the ones starting their first years of their new careers after college - to the same ole' same ole'. We even talked all weekend about the next time we were getting together - as if we wanted the weekend to last forever. 

It was lovely. 

And it was the only place I wanted to be.

On Sunday the actual Ward Reunion came and went. As soon as we got there, it seemed we were leaving. It was really too hot for all the new littles, the lake was a better option. The only people we all really talked to or knew were the ones we came with (all my husband's aunt/uncles/cousins/siblings) we moved our party back to the water front. 

It was back to the lake house for some naps and some lake time happenings. 

Pax had many firsts this day. For one, he actually kept a lifejacket on and loved it. He strutted it with such sass. Second, he liked the water. He actually went in the lake, used his lifejacket as intended - lifted up his legs - and floated on his tummy while his head was out of the water. It was so cute. Third, he had his first night boat ride. His cousin Brenna, second cousin Logan and him danced to the boat music as Uncle Ronnie drove really really slow under the moon light. 

It was memorable. 

The weekend allowed for time to catch up and refresh - while still very much being mommies. My husband got to run along with his cousins; jet-skiing, swimming, playing football and driving the golf cart (probably very irresponsibly). Pax was naturally bonded to his  cousin Brenna. Wherever one went there was the other. They are gonna be very best friends, I just know it.

We also got to discover what Brenna's new sibling was gonna be.

Ladies and gentlemen...

It's a BOY!!!

A brand new and shiny nephew - due January 6th. 

The weekend was incredible. It was as every other, but with some new littles and new significant others. The family is growing and I'm honored to be a small part of it. 

Pax handed daddy shells to open..when he opened this one it had a little baby shell in it. So we kept that and a lake stone for his baby box. 

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