Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TantumTuesday: The "grilled cheese go to"...

Tantum Tuesdays - the day dedicated, to books/blogs I'm reading or food I'm making.

Oh look! I cooked :)

Grilled cheese. 

Because I'm awesome.

And practical.

Working 9-7 and then coming home only to take the babes to urgent care for an allergic reaction will make you practical.

What can you say I'm a realist. 

The "grilled cheese go to" = lunch meat, sliced cheese and whole wheat bread. (grain/carb/dairy/protein) BOOM! 

The best part is everyone in our family likes it.

The boy is now fed, benadryled and in his bed two hours later than planned...or needed. 

It is now daddy and mommy's bed time. 

God Bless the grilled cheese and modern medicine. 

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