Friday, February 3, 2012

Circling Promises

"So-join the company of good men and women, keep your feet on the tried and true paths. It's the men who walk straight who will settle this land, the women with integrity who will last here. The corrupt will lose their lives; the dishonest will be gone for good." Proverbs 2:20-22

I've been reading Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Such a convicting and very motivating book..a call to MUCH action and great faith. I can only read it in doses...because Im a believer that once you know something you are now responsible to being obedient to it....otherwise you are being negligent and most people know how I feel about being negligent. The book refreshes my eyes to scripture..when I want my Jericho..I must circle it and have faith that God will hand it over..I'm responsible for my HOPE and trust in Him.

I'm praying with intention...because I desire God to act with intention. I'm doubly circling my dreams and promises with prayer & fasting. In doing this God has been tenderly bringing some dross to the His refining always does. This gross stuff I've hidden that needs to be dealt with otherwise I'm being negligent and God WILL move on to someone else to get the job done if I'm unWILLING to change and remove things from my life.

And I'm actually finding myself a bit upset at myself. Who am I to be dealing with stuff like this...oh the arrogance...God really should find someone else to use. I'm thoroughly convinced (well was for most of the middle of the night) that I'm am irrevocably screwed up..and it was intensified because until the Lord had brought some of this up - I really thought I had it semi-together...what the heck!

Then I reached for my HOPE, I searched the tablet of my heart for truth that God had hidden there for me refer back to and I CHOSE to find my delight in Him...even though I'm so ashamed. He knows me better than myself and even the things I haven't yet recognized that I need work on - He already knows AND YET He still chose to purchase, and chooses to use and put me on display for His Glory.

I loved this verse in the message verse. I'm connecting so deeply with verses that talk about men and woman (as Im married and were about to take on a whole new land)...I love that in this verse 'Men who walk straight will settle this land, the women with integrity will last there'...

I need to have integrity. I want it so badly. I want to last in God's land that He has for those He loves.

So I'm circling that promise...this verse. And I'm being specific with God. Because when we're specific - we know when God has acted and others know He has - it removes the questioning of whether God acted or it was coincidence..I encourage you to be specific in your prayers to God. Dont be generic...God is not a generic God, not in the least.

I want integrity in the way I love my husband. I want integrity in how I raise my son and future children. I want to have integrity when I speak and in my friendships. Integrity in how I serve Jesus in public and in private.

I love what Mark said in Circle Makers "I want the people who know me the best to respect me the most"...

I want that. I want my husband and children to respect me because I'm actually genuine and I have the places I'm the most comfortable home. That's when I know the Lord got a hold of me and I let Him refine me. Then others will know...and give God the credit.

So what things would you like to circle? What scriptures fly out at you that God wants you to pray and believe for? More children? More territory? To be moved? To see happen?

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