Friday, February 10, 2012

La Familia Update..

Aren't you all just so excited about VALENTINE'S!?! Well for the cynics out there...I'm not really interested in your response..I say as lovingly as possibly.

This weekend and the next week is very tender for us. Our first child..Paxton Oliver will 1 on Sunday. Next tuesday, Valentine's Day..was the first day a year ago that we brought our son home..and our life with him began. God did that for us. The next saturday we will celebrate his birthday with family and friends. Ben's sister will see him for the first time and family coming in from out of town and state...including Paw Paw Allen.

Even after a year...We're so in love with our birthmom Lesa. We adore her! She gave extravagantly.

Such huge blessings she and Paxton are. We grew by two not just one.

And now were on an adventure. Studying another culture, praying about the journey to come - while staying faithful on the journey now. It makes me think...if every year is going to bring such great opportunity..well one..I'm sticking with Jesus always...and...AND I'm so eager to know what else He has in store!

The last few days I've felt a little lazy though..I need to kick it in gear again. I need a day of rest though...hopefully Sunday. I'm in full fledge fast pace mode. As if in hopes it will speed up the waiting process.

God doesn't work that way though..bummer.

Next week we not only celebrate Paxton's Birthday..we will hopefully..HOPEfully meeting a coordinator with Children's Cup that weekend.

I'm requesting some prayers. That I can manage to get my head out of my booty. That my body feels better...I'm getting that feeling of sickness..blah and prayer for steadfastness, a be God focused - TRUSTING God to get us to where were going..not me.

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