Monday, January 2, 2012

His side of the story...

I let my wife know Sunday night that I would like to write in her blog to start off this week. You may see me once and awhile on here. It was important, however to be on here today because I wanted - as the head of this family - to proudly write in more detail where God is leading us, all three of us. To a place all three of us, we believe, will thrive and be in the center of where God desires us. 
Decisions. Deciphering. Really knowing where God desires you to be is very important and vital. It depends how much God is able to use you and how much of you can be used. Our family has made many decisions. In high school, both Jamie and I made the decision to love Jesus. At 21 we made the decision to marry each other. At 22 we made the decision to begin trying to have children. At 23 we made the decision to buy a home in Republic and serve as youth pastors at DWO (now Destiny Church). At 26 we made the decision to say yes to what God had for us - a son. Decisions we’ve made together - all because of our initial, faithful decision to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  Being the logical one of the two us - I call them decisions - Jamie calls them trust acts. Saying decision means resolving in my mind what God has already resolved in the spiritual and physical for us to do. 
We now come to another decision, another faith mark. And what a decision it is. How timely, unique, interesting, terrifying, awesome, rare yet so perfect of a decision it is. 
Jamie can go anywhere - live in a tent and not bathe for days and totally be thriving and in her element the entire time. She can hear about something cool happening and want to go to it and make it happen. This woman got our home ready for a baby in 3 1/2 weeks. Don’t limit this woman. She can make things happen with nothing at all. She could open a business and do well. She says yes to everything - even when we don’t have the resources to get it or do it. And somehow it always works. I shower daily. I have a routine and I’m orderly. I think everything through and hate risk taking - unless its in the form of cliff jumping or one day jumping out of a plane. I’m uneasy about change. I appreciate clear goals and directions. I must say I love adventure - but I’m most comfortable when I know its coming. I like peace - and you won’t find me stirring the pot and going crazy. I’m a husband and a father. I’m a protector and I want what we do with our lives and our family to be right. 
In a moment with the Lord I was given a direction. I had to make a decision. You know the kind, where it seemed to be the most difficult one, but at the same time the easiest one you have ever made? Where, in the physical world the choice that is made - the direction that is given - is very hard to make because of the fear, the unknown and the hurt that it will cause. At the same time in the spiritual world that same choice is very easy to make because you know that God is behind it 100 percent. You know that kind?
Jamie and I have recently been given one of those directions and have come to one of those decisions. 
It was a difficult decision because of what I mentioned above, but so easy because in actuality when Jamie and I gave our lives fully to Christ we knew that we would do whatever it was He called us to do. Whatever He tells us, is the decision that will be made.
Over the course of the past few months, we have diligently prayed and fasted for what it is that God wanted us to do - where He wanted us to be - how He wanted to use us. So that He could be glorified the most!
So without going on and on we would like to tell you all that God is calling us to over-seas missions. When we said yes to this we were given 3 different opportunities, only further confirming God was calling us to this. The place and time frame will be determined in the coming months and we ask that you pray for clarity and no confusion for us in all of this.
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

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